the Neural Horizon

Beyond is a larp about a high-risk hacking operation, a journey into the virtual net of a secret, high security server. It explores the nature of humanity, of artificial intelligence and where they meet.

In a world where lights are security levels, the speakers convey console messages and where your own body is your presence on the server, several groups of rival hackers are trying to find out more details about an enigmatic research project. By connecting their own neural pathways to an experimental network, they step into the frighteningly real virtual world of the Company, in order to finally get closer to the truth about their research into artificial humans.

Beyond is inspired by The Matrix, Hackers (movie), Neuromancer, TRON and even Battle Royale. It is set in the same world as the Androids Trilogy larps, building on the shared mythos and story but it is a stand-alone experience.


  • A larp where participants portray hackers who have uploaded themselves into a virtual world.
  • Your bodies are your avatars - the real, physical selves are never in play except indirectly. However, all that is You - Memories, personality, emotions and identity - everything is at risk once your brain and the virtual world are connected.
  • Style and fashion inspired by streetwear in the 90s
  • Discover mysteries, fight for your loved ones and find out things about yourself that were hidden from you.
  • A world that messes with your mind, with new parameters, dangers or instructions changing what you believed to be true.
  • Two different areas of play - one "lobby" with a relaxed atmosphere and one labyrinthine Server-world where most of the drama happens
  • A hacker who 'dies' inside the Server experiences short term memory loss and is returned to the outer areas. They might not even know or remember what killed them.
  • A set built at 3:e Våningen, our larp location. The clinical and abstract meets the gritty or absurd in this strange world.
  • Checkpoints, terminals, passages or rooms that require a certain security level and more.
  • Characters that have both a real, meatspace side that exists in the background, and a persona that is the person they portray in the larp.

Will you go past the Neural Horizon with us?