Run 1: 3-4th of July
Run 2: 6-7th of July
Run 3: 10-11th of July

All dates are in 2019

Language: English. The game is fully international
Minimum age: 18
Contact email: Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.
Facebook group: Android-Universe Larps
Where: Gothenburg, Sweden
3:e Våningen, a series of old industrial halls that have been rebuilt for theatre, dance and art installations. The larp will be played in several different spaces there. Click here for the venue's own guide on how to get there. The address is:

Sockerbruket 9

Sleeping:  Will not be done in-game. Participants will have to find their own sleeping solutions. Due to more strict demands on the artistic work in the space we use, we cannot offer any sleep-over possibilities in the venue. 
Food: We will offer some food alternatives as part of the scenography. They are there for the mood and atmosphere. However, we do NOT guarantee that everyone can eat everything they need from our in-game alternatives. There will be a long break where players can arrange their own food alternatives on both days. As for evening meal, we recommend either bringing food that can be eaten in-game or surviving on in-game snacks. 

Schedule: Workshops will start at 09:00 on the first day of either run. The larp will finish in the second evening. After that, there will be a short voluntary debrief and an afterparty. The larp will stop around 22 the first evening, and at 20:00 at the latest on the second.


Sign-Up Information


The game is not an Androids larp. It builds on many of our lessons and thoughts from the Androids trilogy and is intimately tied to them - if you know what to look for. However, it is not a direct sequel and it is not a prerequisite to have played any of them to appreciate Beyond. 

Will open on the 24th of March at 8 pm CET

We use a sign-up system where you first fill in a very short sign-up form, then receive payment instructions if you are accepted. This process might take a few days. The sign-ups are done with a first come, first serve principle, but we reserve the right to deny someone participation. A casting form will be released later on. 

Payment: Payment will need to be within 28 days of your acceptance e-mail or your spot will be lost. 
Number of participants: 40 per run. 

Price range:

We have decided to use a varied payment plan, where everyone pays what they can afford, from a minimum level and upwards.

We will be able to run the larp even if everyone pays the minimum, but it will be at a significantly lower level of aesthetics and scenography. The greater the number of participants who pay a higher ticket price, the more will we be able to invest into the scenography, sounds, lights, layout and overall expenses. If we end up with a surplus, we will use it to invest into better locations and scenography for future larps as well as to support Atropos as an organization. 

The price levels are: 800 (minimum), 1000 (low), 1200 (standard), 1500 (high), 2000 (sponsor), 2200 (massive sponsor!)

In addition to the ticket price, there might be merchandise to be bought straight from the Atropos store. This will be released at a later time. 

Anyone who signs up for Beyond are eligible for a 90% refund up until one month before the larp. After that, there will be no refunds due to the high degree of stress and work burden that late cancellations place on the administrative crew members. You are not allowed to sell your spot at the larp since they are cast and assigned. The price is not for a ticket, it is a sign-up fee.